I rarely see him, but I think I like him. What do I do?

I was taking this water polo class at school, and there are quite a few cute guys in there. One in particular drew my attention. We talked sometimes while waiting for our water polo instructor. Unfortunately, I realized I liked him on the last day of class, which sucks, because I probably won't see him again, unless he decides to take swim next quarter. We're different majors, and our classes are on opposite ends of the campus. We're both graduating in June. What should i do? Should i try to forget about him, or hope that he joins swim next quarter and talk to him more?


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  • I have the same issue all the time - liking guys who I never see! Honestly, I don't think you'll be able to forgot, or it'll turn into a "the one who got away"/"what if" kind of thing. I would suggest that the next time you see him, depending on how long it has been, get his number so you can stay in touch. If he seems to like you and you're at least kind of friends, you can text him. Even now, depending on how much you two talked, it might okay to friend him on Facebook if you haven't already.

  • If I was in your place I would go face him tell him that you like him and that you always did and explain to him how many days you waited for the water polo day just to see his face