How do you tell if a nice guy really likes you or if he's just being nice?

This guy's is sooo nice to literally everyone. We've kissed before and we are going on a date tomorrow. But part of me feels like is he just being nice because that's who he is. I know he's been hurt in the past and he's a little hesitant. What are some signs that I can tell the difference between him actually being into me or him just being nice?


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  • He is being nice as that's natural to him. Just like me. I am nice to everyone and help people. It's just my vibe and personality. You might not see a lot of these type of guys today. Unfortunately most girls consider "nice" deceptive or fake. Those girls who are saying that are either selfish, feminists, or dated the bad boy. The guy who acts "nice" when he just wants sex isn't a true nice guy but a sort of bad boy. I will never change my personality for a girl who doesn't know what she wants. It's her loss. The point is he sounds like a good guy. He really likes you, especially the fact that you both kissed. Good Luck and Congratulations!

    • Dude all I've ever wanted is to fund a nice guy. Lol. It's hard cuz we girls no what to expect from bad boys... we don't know how to take a nice guy. We keep waiting for the bad side to shoe up cuz so many guys have played nice at the beginning only to turn out to be a jerk!


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  • No guy is that nice, that he would take someone on a date out of niceness. Not gonna happen. Enjoy your date :)

    • Hope you're right! And thank you! :)

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    • Well actually I asked him out. Haha but he was the one that kissed me

    • Lol, get so defensive and try to insult me and label me. That's what people do when they don't have a good argument in return lol. And fix your grammar please. What your saying doesn't make sense at ALL. You need guidance. I am nice because I am and it's my personality. I am not really interested in dating right now, but I would ask someone that I know and like well that I am attracted to (some appearance AND personality). Why would I ask someone out because I am "nice" ? That's like saying you would ask out a random guy because your "nice". That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

  • I think he really likes you

  • I think a good clue that he likes you is that you kissed and you guys are going on a date. good luck!