Guys, is this a sign he in fact did cheat?

So, with the last guy I was with months ago I had a feeling he was hiding something from me, and something was going on. However, being I could never prove it I stayed quiet because why waste my breath yelling if I don't know someone is guilty right? Well its been months since we have broke up and his best friend said he had slept with other girls while with me recently... Honestly I'm not pissed because people like that aren't worth my anger. Any who, he trys to keep in contact with me for probably his rebound girl but I don't work like that sorry sweetie. When ever I asked him about what his friend said he acted strange... He didn't deny it but he also didn't really defend himself as well... So is this a guys guilty way of practically telling on himself..
And he thinks I'm so dumb I will believe him now? All he had to say about what his friend said was "that's very vague and I was drinking during those. times but I don't recall that happening" his voice sounded nervous as well. Should I tell this dude to fuck off or just continue laugh at his ignorance. I'm not sure what to do... A part of me. wants to show him how it feels but then a part of me is like you are better then that


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  • For as much as we like revenge/showing someone how it feels, it seldom works as expected.

    You moving on is truly going to show him that he lost something good, and she didn't need him. So why waste more of your time on him? Life is too short. Go live it.

    • It already bugs him that I HAVE moved on
      I think he thinks he can get me back but I feel like he did do all that. Why would I want that... I deserve better and I have a great head on my shoulder. Next time I'll just date a more mature guy. But your right life is to short. Thats why I haven't done anything its been two weeks since I learned this im like what ever karma is a bitcb

    • Well glad you have moved on and just needed to vent tonight. You are quite beautiful and I am sure lovely. He was a knucklehead that is for sure. And yes... date more mature guys. If they can't respect you, then you don't need them. Guard your heart, make him earn it. It is worth earning... and then you know.

    • Looks are just a temporary bliss :) beauty comes from the heart. Still sucks I always have been that girl guys date just to say they were with me... It hurts. I've never had a real relationship. Guys my age suck and now I feel like I'm not even dateable because I have so many issues with men.


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  • your not with him so it dont matter just let it go... worry over something so stupid and pointless just stay away and move on your not together for a reason and you dont trust him so who cares...

  • Move on. Cut him out of your life. Go no contact. If he tries to text you respond with "who is this". I've been cheated on and trust me revenge isn't worth it. My experience with cheating has destroyed my whole outlook on women and dating and relationships. Don't let the same happen to you. Just move on and let your anger towards this guy go.

    • I've already been destroyed by men. He was the first guy I've gave the time of day since an abusice ex years ago and he ended up being a tool. Now I feel like I'll never be able to date again... I feel like everyone lies to me and stuff so to late for that darling.

    • Well in the case welcome to the club.

  • Just show you're better than that and move on.

    • Already did that but he's like a virus I can't shake and now I have issues with dating thanks to him.

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    • I mean no it isn't, still sucks. People like him ruin my image. I get called many names from bitch whore and crazy... Like I don't see the rationality in it being I'm a very level headed down to earth girl but you know how people are. Most aren't wise enough to get to know someone before making assumptions. I would be more worried about it if I didn't plan on moving somewhere no one knows me. Still is a pain in my ass to deal with because being I know he goes to the same bars and what not I will run into him eventually.

    • I know how you feel. Similar things happened to me in the past. Unfotunately, when the problem isn't you, it's harder to change the mind of the others. All you can do is continuing being yourself, show them that they're wrong and wait till time heals it all.

  • Honestly, if I was in your position, I would have probably him to f off.


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  • You're beautiful. I think you should just give him the silent treatment. That hurts a guy worse than calling him out. I honestly think you can get any guy you wanted to with no problem. There is this vibe I'm getting from you saying that you are very strong in both physically and mentally ways. You know how to handle your emotions and not let your anger get the best of you. I praise you. I would have probably either broke down crying from sadness and despair, or I would have went to his house and kicked his ass out of anger and distress. You should continue to laugh at his ignorance. A guy like that is not worth a girl like you. You deserve WAY better than that.

    • Thank you that is very kind of you darling :) sorry that's the southern coming out I know some don't like being called names but I can't help it. Always comes out.

      Any who, like I Perviously stated looks are only a temporary bliss. But no man is worth tears or anger. Unless those tears on your wedding day screw that. It still sucks... Being cheated on creates issues for. the future relationships we encounter... Sad thing is this guy was my best friend years before this... The old me would have went psycho but now they I'm older I feel nothing... I have no idea why. It may be because. I've been hurt so much I just learn to shut. myself down

    • I know how you feel. My boyfriend at the moment is what keeps me feeling half way. I still feel scared around him because he has these WAY prettier girls than me hanging on him at his school. But I trust him. You are very strong. And its okay. I like southern. I like being called names. It makes me feel special. :) And I'm sorry to hear that. I think in my own person opinion that he might have never been a real good friend if he has the courage to do that to you. And I know looks are only temporary, but its still something. Plus I bet you have a really great personality. That's all that really matters truthfully. Not looks or how nice of a body a person has. I believe it all depends on their personality and how happy they make you. :)

  • Honestly you should tell him to fuck off, he bacily cheated on you! And that's just revolting and heartbreaking! He should have never slept with those girls in ten first place. He's a dumbass

    • Mehh that's men though. Im kinda scared to tell him to fuck off because he may try to hurt me in return... that's why I'm kinda lost on what to do. IDC he cheated like I said people like that don't phase me because shows their character not mine.