I'm having trouble getting over a guy that lead me on. Please can someone give me some advice?

Basically what the question asks. Please can someone help?

I'd appreciate advice on how to know when a guy is leading you on and how to prevent it too please :)


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  • Not sure in what way you mean you are having trouble... i am assume it is rather fresh. So the best thing is to get busy. Do something. Go out. Read. Workout... but do something other than thinking about an ass. And that is what he is. I am sorry.


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  • I've found a good way to get thoughts/feelings out is by writing them. In other words, keep a journal. But keep it about everything. Everything you do in a day. The reason for this is it gets out the bad thoughts, with a little time. But it also reinforces the good that happens during a day.

    Write about everything. Thoughts, conversations. What you did. Go out for lunch? Who with? Where? What did you eat?

    Learn to write with your feelings. Example if you write about your ex. If you're mad, write in that anger. What are you thinking about? Yell. Scream. Swear. Cry. Laugh. Get it on paper (or computer). Don't worry about what you write, how personal it may be. This is for you. Your eyes only.

    Keeping a journal is very therapeutic. It helps with dealing with everyday life. I've kept one for a couple of years now. Believe me it works. :-)

  • The only thing u can do is let yourself heal from it naturally by finding things to do. there is no quick fix for these things and finding another guy will make him a rebound and make u want the other one anyway

  • It's a hit and miss thing. You have to keep trying. It's harder for women because most just wait for guys to come to them. Goodluck.

  • Go date more men. Problem solved.

    And I'm not being rude or short, that's the actual solution.

    • Regarding your update. You can't know if you don't ask him. Push for a guy to be serious with you. A guy will be content with a relationship staying exactly the same forever, if you let him. You have to push him toward a definite stance. Most guys will resist a bit, but the guy leading you on will leave, some guys who were serious about you will leave when they get turned off by your pushing, but the guys who really like you will stick around.

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  • Don't go on the rebound.. nothing good can come from it. Just surround yourself with friends and live life for a while. A guy leading you on could be anything from making promises and not fulfilling them and planning things that won't happen. You'll know when you feel emotional stings, or hear excuses.

    However they could also just feel a platonic affection for you whereby girls can interpret that horridly and then go about it horribly but then again same things can happen to guys...

    Just be straightforward and if you want to get back into dating make sure THEY'RE straightforward.. no bullshit.

    Goodluck )