He is outgoing but acts shy around me?

I like this skater boy and he usually looks at me and hold it. He has even turned around to look at me. But lately I don't think he likes me.

He avoids me if I walk up to his group of friends I too know. He doesn't talk to me. He talks to other girls though. And I feel like he ignores me.

I don't really know him but I have asked others about him and they say he is not shy but he acts like it with me...

So, do skaters or any guy act like this? Why would he act like this?


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  • Who knows, I hate it when people do that, FUCK. This girl literally tries to avoid looking at me and in my mind all I can think of is "man she fucking hates you, you don't even exist".


    go talk to him.


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  • I've acted like this with some women, he's not trying to ignore you, but he just likes you, so if he's just alone with you he's probably gonna get nervous


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  • he likes but maybe don't know how to act around you