My crush knows I like him, ahhhh?

So I've liked this guy for a while now and we've known eachother for 8 years. But while we were at a dinner at a restaurant together with a group of friends, I found out he's known I like him for a while now and hasn't said anything. It's not like we're strangers, we talk all the time and when we talk to eachother he is always really attentive and we look into eachother eyes (kinda or maybe it's just me), he waits for me after class and we walk to lunch together and sometimes eat together, but I feel that the fact that he knows I like him and he hasn't made a move means he doesn't like me back romantically and he just doesn't want to be straight out I don't like you for fear of ruining our platonic relationship. What do you guys think and what should I do?


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  • Get over him. If he's not a dick he's not going to make a big deal out of it.

    I had a friend for like four years and his best friend told me he liked me. I already have a boyfriend, so I was honest with him, and we moved on. Sure, he might still have a little bit of feelings for me, but he's realistic, so he doesn't linger on them.


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  • you guys arnt even 18 yet... he's prob just 2 shy

  • Now this sounds a lot like me 2 or 3 years ago.
    I didn't want a relationship, i liked this.. thing we had. Maybe it's just the same for him.
    If it is a similar case, then he cares about you, quite a lot acutally but just not in the romantic/love way.
    If you're ok with keeping it as it is, then keep it.


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  • This happened to me also, except that I didn't know the person for eight years. I eventually got the guts to confront my feelings towards the person. This is pretty tuff. I wouldn't want to risk my friendship. But knowing someone for that long they should understand. I would talk to them about it. I wouldn't want to pop the question out automatically. I would let the conversation carry out to that topic. I hope this helped. good luck.