What aree some good first date ideas?

What are some good first date ideas?

Yeah I'd like to avoid dinner for a first date, it's usually awkward because you don't know each other and theirs nothing to talk about, other activities are fine and if we get hungry while on a date then we'll go get something to eat.


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  • I think a good first date should have something to do with what you two have in common. If you have been talking to this person for a while and know about the just choose something fun and casual. I think this takes a lot of pressure off of the situation. Both of you are comfortable with the choice and no one feels too awkward.


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  • Well I have no experience with a first date yet but if it was me going on a walk or to one of your houses would be fun - you can talk and just chill with no pressure. :)

    • You'll get to go on one someday I guarantee it, the vast majority of Humans get at least one date in their lifetime. You're young so it'll happen. A word of advice don't play hard to get ever guys don't like that.

    • Thanks:) I'm 17 right now but I'm quite hard to please maybe thats why... I never play hard to get, in fact most guys I've come into contact with are the ones who do that

    • Well just try to have an open mind.

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  • Well not repeating the questions you are going to ask her two times...

    The first date is about getting to know one another. So don't go to a movie or something. You want to be able to talk. If you are good at conversation a nice dinner can be great. However you could also do an activity where you have to work together or play together. Kind of old fashioned but you go play miniature golf or go to a place like top golf. You could go to a museum and walk through the galleries together. Or a zoo. Something like that is relaxed and allows the two of you just to walk and talk and enjoy together. It doesn't have to be DRAMATIC, it needs to be real, relaxed and fun - something that allows her to get to know you a bit. (Now I am repeating myself!)

  • Coffee. It's quick, inexpensive, and you can stay or leave easily if the date isn't going well.

    A movie is bad, because you can't get to know the person, and it can get pretty expensive. Plus if you decide she's not for you; she laughs way too hard at fart jokes, (or he keeps farting herself) or she's getting way too into the awkward scene in front of you, it's harder to leave.

    Something fun, physical (minds out of the gutter!) like... jogging in the park... might be ok, if you don't get too sweaty or gross or run like a doofus. A walk is kind of good, but make sure it's not something that is too far so you have to walk back 10 miles with someone you can't stand; or give them an awkward ride home. Picking a place with a mile long trail that loops is great.

  • Laid back and easy to talk is good. A cafe date is good, a walk in a park, things like that. You can spend as long together as you want (don't spend too long, kills intrigue), leave when you want, change activities if you want, be spontaneous, talk freely. Dinner puts pressure on things, dinner sucks (and it can get needlessly expensive, especially if you date a lot).

    Good dates are cheap, full of talking (establishing chemistry), and laid back, with a possibility or the spontaneous. Extra points if it's near where either of you live, that way you two can go over to one another's place, should you so desire (too far away, getting invited home or inviting someone home works less).

    Activities are fun. But save those for when you start getting more relationship-oriented with a particular girl. The first few dates are about getting to know each other and establishing chemistry. Can't do that if it's a movie or if you are trying not to fall off the wall of a cliff.