I don't like him enough but still I hate that he's not texting me now?

We've been dating for a short time, and i wasn't sure if i liked him enough. He texts me every single day, he only skipped 1 day. He should text me now, he said he was gonna take me to that place and I don't know why i feel this way if i don't even like him like a lot, why is he doing this to me?


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  • By you being this apple at the top of the tree hardest to Grab and to Get, he feels you are a chase, a challenge at hand and he is pushing his buttons on his end in hopes you might-----Even like him a lot someday.
    He senses you are not totally Into him, sweetie, so you keep him coming back for more. You have him eating out of your hand and I think if many girls today would start something similar in keeping a guy Moving and Motivated, there wouldn't be so many free birds for boys out in the wild.
    He may eventually grow on you. However, if you find that down the love line he is not what you are hoping for, cut him loose and let him go back out there, for there are plenty of girls just dying to be with a fetching finch of a fellow who is a Great text tom and fine feathered friend to boot who may be looking for a potential partner.
    Good luck. xx

    • With you being used to his texting and a day skipped right now, it is almost like you Expect it and are getting used to a certain routine and you may deep down fancy him a bit and don't know it. xx

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    • u were right, i really like him a lot now

    • lol... It had happened to me, believe me... when I least expected it.:)) xxoo


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  • You like him more than you think, or you wouldn't be seeking this advice. That or you just miss the attention.


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  • Because he was a constant. Even if you didn't love him that's still something you'll miss for a bit.

  • Well dont wonder anymore, maybe you should text him its not a big deal I guess.