How do u feel about kissing on the 1st date?

Do u care, do u wait until the 3rd date, or do u wait for a realtionship? Please explain your opinion?

  • yes I would kiss on first date
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  • kiss on 3rd date
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  • wait until in realtionship to kiss
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  • I try not to kiss on the first date. Because I don't want my opinion of you to be influenced by my being sexually attracted to you. (By 'you,' I mean whichever girl I am lucky enough to be with.) I want to reflect on how much I like her personality-wise. If we kiss, than my like-meter might rise for the wrong reasons. I'd like to wait til the third date, but I'll usually kiss her on the second. I am pretty prudent and Conservative, so I don't like fats, or slutty women. I don't want to hold hands with a girl who wants me inside her before we leave the restaurant. Well, she can want it, but I don't want her to want to act on it. Of course, I haven't had a date since 2007... So maybe I'm not the best guy to heed an opinion from.

    • Don't worry no judgment here im a virgin waiting for marriage and I agree with u bt I like to wait until im officially in a realtionship.

    • I've done more than my share of TomCat-ing around. Its hard not to in the Marines. But, I gave that life up a LONG time ago, and if I found ANY girl with your convictions... It would be a HUGE flag waving above her that had 'Marriage Material Here!' written on it. Not big boobs, not a tight ass, not a loose skirt... The best aphrodisiac I can think of is written right there in your response. Don't ever change, Honey. I wish I could tell you how much I think you're worth., but compliments over the internet, would probably mean as much to you as if I were shouting them out of a van at you, so... Well, I'm not rich, good looking, or famous, but if it means anything.. I think you deserve a really good guy, and a really good life.

      Good luck, Sweetheart, and God bless.

    • Aww wow thank u so much I really appreciate that :)


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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't expect it, but would do it if we clicked.
    If I'm not kissing by the third date, it's going to be a no-go

  • Waiting 3 dates for a kiss? You're joking right?

    • :) Nope if were not official u could be dating other women and kissing them I wait until im in a realtionship to know my lips are the only lips well at least I pray they are.

    • You must lose a lot of men. That seems a bit extreme.

    • No they like it from my understanding shows that im not going around kissing whoever and have had trust built and especially respect bc they knew I wanted something real :)

What Girls Said 4

  • It is a personal rule of mine (that all my friends laugh at!) that I do not kiss on the first date. I think if you make a guy wait, and show you have self-respect, then you will attract guys who respect you more, and are willing to wait. I don't want to throw myself around, I'll only kiss a guy if I know that I really like him, and can see our relationship progressing. How can you know that after one date? So I would say maybe around 3 dates, depending on the connection, or maybe even more! (This does not make me a saint or a nun or anything, lol, I just think only kissing people who have real feelings for makes you a more respectful person, and attract like wise guys)

  • I don't know but when I went on my date, I didn't kiss him on the first nor second. My reason being (any date that I go on), if I'm really feeling him and felt that connection where I know it can progress more into being a relationship in the long run, I'd wait till the third date too. I sure did too! Now, sometimes you can't be sure you may even get that second date but it's just something I go by and that's that.

  • I would wait until at least a relationship to kiss and personally i'm waiting for marriage with my current boyfriend :)

  • I never kiss on the first date, not even if it was amazing