They told me that I will get heartbroken many times?

I am terrified of even getting hurt once (never been hurt). I hear people saying how many times they have been hurt.

But the only way to negate the risk of getting hurt is to never date which is even worse.

What do I do?


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  • When you get your heart broken you become a colder person. Relationships most likely won't affect you the same way after that. you only get your heart broken once in life, after that you don't care enough or trust enough to let it surprise you or affect you to break your heart. Maybe you'll be the one breaking hearts too.

    • That's even scarier. That's what they mean when they say that they're worried they will "never love again". But I guess I am not the only one so... lol...

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    • * wouldn't wish that pain on anyone. Sorry that was a typo in my last message.

    • he ruined a great portion of my life and he knows it. He completely admitted that on his own, but that didn't stop him from breaking my heart.

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  • Get hurt. Life without love is not worth living.


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  • You'll get hurt whether you get into a relationship or not. You can fall in live and refuse a relationship it'll still hurt.

    You'll lose loved ones, friends, jobs, people / things that are important to you... That's life. And there's good stuff too lol but only if you make an effort to live.

  • we all would go through this at least once in our lifetime. unless you have no emotions , otherwise u would fall for someone some day and u may get your heart broken

  • Its about whether your willing to take the chance of loving someone, if they aren't right for you, you might get hurt. Or you might hurt them. You just have to be open minded.

    • Well the odds are stacked against me... that's the thing...

    • Then talk to them about it and see if you can work it out, but to be truthful, you really can't avoid being heartbroken, its only human

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  • Gotta be blunt here; if you're not ready to face life's deceptions and devastations, then you might as well end it.

    Yes I've been hurt, betrayed, back-stabbed, and heartbroken. It sucks. However it's a feeling we all face in our dating and professional life. After the first true heartbreak I had, I was able to carry myself through the next one much easier. These experiences make you stronger.

    • I am content/fine with life otherwise. It's just this aspect man.

    • I am terrified man... not just scared...

      "Gotta be blunt here; if you're not ready to face life's deceptions and devastations, then you might as well end it."

      I actually thought this, but the thing is that would be really sad because otherwise I like life and am content with it otherwise. It's just this that's bothering me that I am continually losing sleep over.

  • . Comon man, life is also like trial and errors. You can't succeed if you haven't tasted failures.

    • Normally I agree with that. I just can't come to terms with that with respect to this. I am actually in therapy.