Single women, are there particular places, methods etc you use to try and find a boyfriend? Are there any you avoid?

There's tons of advice online on how to meet women. Join a dance club, visit the library, talk to random women on the street.. Online dating.. But where is it that girls look for a date if they are single? Also where do you avoid? Is it something you don't worry about and get proposals often, or do you find you have to work hard to find the right kind of guy? Where would you ideally like to meet your future boyfriend/husband?


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  • I try not to think about it.. I mean it's nice if guys make there way to say something.. But all in all.. If I'm single I want to be single.. Lol (if that makes sense😐) I believe time will give me that opportunity to find him.. And I believe my time isn't now.. So I'm just waiting it out.. But I am interested in someone.. I think we are taking it slow from here on in..
    If I were to find someone I would go out with my mates to an event and probably meet someone from there but it's not the case im in now..


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  • I try not to pick guys up at the bar. It very rarely works out. The guy that I'm kind of seeing right now, we met on an online dating sight. I don't get out much with work full time and college full time and him qork full time we both took a leap of faith. So far I'm content and he seems to be. I think you should look for someone in a place you could see yourself being. Like if you are into books go to the library or of you are a party person go to the bar or club. That way you can find someone with a compatible lifestyle.

  • i wonder the same about guys but i would say coffee anywhere u can get coffee


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