Are guys you date generally chivalrous?

I always am, it's normal for me, it's just the way I was raised. It doesn't really make sense that a guy wouldn't be chivalrous. Opening a door or offering a hand to help her out of a car, is not really difficult. I think the whole "chivalry is dead" thing must be hugely exaggerated.

I haven't been in the dating game that long And I'm just curious what I'm up against haha.

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  • Don't change!! Those little things you're doing go along way with a woman and how she perceives you. I think it's great!


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  • My ex made me run across a parking lot in pouring rain just so my white t-shirt would get wet and had me pay for the date we were on and the gas to get there

    My current boyfriend opens doors, doesn't let me pay, and is currently letting me win a game because he knows it will make me happy

  • Stay just the way you are! Trust me there is a girl out there who will appreciate you just because of you being chivalrous

  • stay the way you are and most guys. Truth be told dating a guy about a week into relationship broke up with him because he let a door shut right in my face so I stood there and waited as he came back to apologize realizing what he did. maybe over dramatic but rudest thing a guys ever really done.

  • 4/5 were chivalrous :) Girls dig chivalrous men, you have nothing to worry about :)

  • Let's get married haha. You don't see many guys like that anymore


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