Cuddles vs hugs.. and why doesn't he want to cuddle with other people around?

My guy friend and I have been friends for ages. As far as I know he doesn't hug or cuddle with anyone else. Last night he told me he didn't have feelings but he still cuddles and kisses me on the forehead. He refers the hugs as cuddles and he seems to like kissing me on the forehead. But he also said maybe we shouldn't cuddle in front of other people? Is he leaning towards a FWB?

Other signs: Sometimes he would playfully nudge me and the other day he played with my hair and nose.


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  • Sounds like he doesn't want others to think you two are dating for whatever reason. I'd need to know a little more background on you two.

    • We aren't dating though. We are just two good friends who like to "cuddle" we do most of the cuddles standing up. When he's in a playful mood he would nudge me playfully or play with my nose. He kisses me on the forehead too.

    • I didn't say you were. People might think you are from what you described.

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  • sounds like he's using you


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  • Because he wants to look manly in front of friends.
    He's probably comfortable with you, and most people like hugs or cuddling but a lot don't admit it.