Why do girls think "nice guys" are pushover? And why do girls like guys who treat them like shit?

Ok so I have been both a nice guy and an asshole and lemme tell you personally both worked. However, being an asshole sadly works a lot more than being nice, now I can see why girls dont date nice guys because most of them are pussies, thankfully, there are some who have confidence and treats a girl right. Although, that sounds like the perfect guy being an asshole works better for some fucked up reason. But I am not stooping down to that level just to be with some girls it goes against all of my morals personally and it for against the morals of treating people with respect. So I would like to know what you gagers think of this topic that creates groups such as feminists and meminists whatever they are called. So please give me your opinion on this topic as I am stumped as to why this happens, thank you.


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  • Most self-confessed nice guys aren't genuinely nice, they think by being Mr Nice that they are entitled to get a woman and entitled to get her knickers off and unfortunately Players come across as confident Gentleman on first impressions, get the girls knickers off and then they're off. The woman doesn't know she got played until after he's disappeared.

    The genuinely nice guys don't finish last in the end, they get the washed up women that have been played so much that it feels like they've done 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.

    • Well personally I dont feel self entitled to girls however I do think that "nice guys" deserve a little respect rather than being tossed aside until the girl is so fucked up that we have to fix them

    • Respect is earned, it's not given and you don't have to fix broken people, you just look for the girls who aren't broken and then you go after those girls.

      Never settle for anything else than you deserve and you Champion deserve nothing but the best.

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  • There are so many different girls with so many different tastes so no one can really figure this one out. I live in an LDS dominated community so most girls here prefer guys that treat them with respect. However, there are some that love bad boys because they give them a challenge and the relationship is mysterious and exciting. Personally I like nice guys but that's just me.

  • Hey,

    I'll share my opinion with you.

    I don't think that we like guys that treat us like nothing but maybe we have too much hope. Like thinking that if our bf did ou said something awful to us it's not because he means to be a jerk, it's just a mistake. We want to believe that behind that asshole face there are all the good parts that he shows us some times.
    I dated both nice guys and assholes.. And I was definetely happier with the nice one. I like to think that I just chose the wrong ones or had not luck.


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  • It is mostly about having confidence, and valuing your own happiness. Insecure people feel a need to change who they are, to please others. Bad boys don't do that. You learn to accept a bad boy on their terms, or they don't need you in their lives.

    Unfortunately guys are being trained that in order to be nice we need to act like doormats. Nothing will turn a woman off faster than a man that is so insecure, that he will change everything about himself to please her.

  • "Menimists". Cute.

    Regardless as you age this all fades to black.

    • Lol sry dont know how to spell that

    • Don't be. There actually isn't such a thing. The closest movement would be Pro-Andro, and it's small obviously not popular.