Should I ignore him?

I broke up with my boyfriend who I've been dating for about 13 months. I care about him a great deal but I broke it off because he always comes up with excuses why he can't see me and we live in the same town, we haven't seen each other for about probably 12 months, most of the whole relationship!! He seems to care he just is very introverted and never wants to see me or even call me, it's all been over text. We've never even gone as far as kissed. Now it's over he keeps talking to me and I keep talking back, and I feel like his playing me along on a string... I seem easy to keep talking and now I've kept talking to him his half ignoring me. I am moving on but I'm only talking to him as a friend but maybe he just thinks im easy, should I ignore him, I'm still friends with him on Facebook but should I just ignore him on there?


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  • Wait... how old are you? Are you younger than 15? If that's the case he's probably using you so he can brag he has a girlfriend. Ignore him completely, and don't let yourself be used.

    If you're 16 or older, he's using you to pretend he's straight or because he has a bunch of girlfriends and likes to consider himself a player. Tell him to fuck off, delete him on FB, and ignore him completely.

    • I'm 18. i have two brothers and the told me they think his gay aha!. Everyone else and I personally don't but I really don't get him at all. I deleted him off Facebook but because I'm soft he got me back so easily, he kept talking to me and he asked me to add him back so he could like my profile picture.. Stupid me of course added him back but I didn't reply for the rest of the night and today I just said thanks, and he sent a smiley face and I sent one back and now I've made a fool out of myself I feel aha. Plus his not going to reply now. So I don't know if I re delete him I'll probably just look dumber. I'm ready to move on but I just keep making myself look silly. Thank you !!!

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    • But his gone from my life! So thank you :)

    • You're welcome, honey. Be well!


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  • Yes, ignore him.


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  • My ex boyfriend did the same thing. I loved him so much so even when he did something terrible to me I forgave him super easily. And we would text, but he would sometimes ignore me. I felt the same way so I started to do the same thing to him and i felt good about it. So yeah you should ignore him in my opinion.