Kiss girl after rejection?

So I have this female friend, I already kissed her, but recenty I told her i like her a little bit more than friend nothing seroius, but she dont feel the same way. At least for now. We hangout again, but I still like her, and now I am not sure will she be willing to kiss me? I dont do any physical contact out of fear she will think I am in love with her. I just like her a lot. I dont know how to proceeed


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  • in my experience, at least for now means no. But there are always those rare girls that actually mean what they say lol


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  • Don't kiss her. You're setting yourself up for heartbreak. If she doesn't feel the same way, give her the respect of not trying to force her (whether you mean to or not) to change her mind by continuing to try and make something happen that simply won't, it'll only complicate things to the point that you won't be able to stay close.

    • So I should not hang out with her anymore? I mean I dont know, I like her, I can abstain from phyisical contact but it is hard for most times. I know she enjoyes spending time with me and she used to hug me before all the time. I kissed me.. Now I just dont know what to do

    • You need space. Honestly, if you believe you can't see her as anything but a partner, you need to stop being friends. That's just toxicity waiting to happen.

  • Just don't kiss her.


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