If we're at a movie together, how can I get him to hold my hand? Any cool ideas? Past experiences, anyone?

We're going to an adventure/actionish movie as a date. What are some things that I could do to get him to hold my hand? Or what happened to you?


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  • Keep your arm on the armrest and stay close to him, don't lean away. But also leave some space on the armrest so that he can place his arm/hand too. If you both touch, don't move away.
    If he has his hand on the armrest, put yours next to his and slightly touch him.
    What I like to do the first time I'm gonna hold hands with a girl, is put my hand next to hers, and then with my pinky finger y touch hers; then I lock both fingers, and after that I proceed to hold her hand.
    You could do the same thing instead of waiting for him to make the first step, we really appreciate when a girl takes it before us, it shows she's interested.


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  • It's pretty well like they've put it below. Guys do like it when girls make the first move sometimes, but most won't admit it, for fear of being viewed as weak. In my experiences, eye contact and subtle facial expressions, such as but not limited to a cute smirk/smile, do a lot. For me, reading the eyes and how a person acts and moves tells me whether it's worth a shot or not. Like they've said below, subtle "accidental" touches can pretty well break the ice. Not moving or jerking away nervously after said accidental touch should set things in motion, it'll kind of say, "Hey, I'm okay with being touchy feely", so to say.

  • I'm a pretty shy guy so a while back I went to see a movie with my soon to be girlfriend and she just started playing with my hand, we both didn't really care about the movie that much we just wanted to be there with eachother and after that we held hands and she kept holding my hand to her cheek and neck. I had my hand on her leg and her hand on top of mine for the rerest of the movie.


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  • Make sure you always have your arm on the armrest between you, and try and sit to that side as close as possible - don't move away if he gets closer of brings his arm up to share the arm rest - hopefully he will get the idea you're okay with holding hands from that.