i went on a date with a guy i don't like and i only see him as a friend please respond?

Ok so I was chatting online with this guy because we have the same personalityand we like the same bands and stuff and he is shy and antisocial like me. After a month of chatting we went to cinema with friends and because we're both really shy we didn't talk, almost at all. But that isn't reallythe important part. I have never been asked out so I'm not sure how that thing goes and we were always chatting pretty friendly and he asked me out on a date and I didn't know it was actually a date until my friends told me. The funny thing is we were watching Penguins of Madagascar in cinema because he is really weird and 20 and still watching cartoons xd. At the date he was extremly nice and FRIENDLY which I was feeling great about because I don't find him physically attractive. We didn't kiss or anything, he didn't even touch me, except for when we hugged when we saw each other and a longer hug when I was leaving. When he came back home he wrote to me on Facebook: I hope it wasn't awkward

The problem is that I want him to be my friend ONLY and I don't want a second date, which he said there will be. Another thing that bothers me is that we live in a small town and a few people I know saw us walking together so I'm scared people will think he's my bf


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  • Hi friend! He just sounds insecure! .. he really wants to leave a good impression and the reason he did not really talk that much, was because he was afraid of saying something stupid! It was awkward for him, because he knew, he should have had more contact with you, but he did not dare to! I feel honestly sorry for the guy. With that being said, I think we can state that he really likes you... before you break his heart, tell him, you want to be friends only. Otherwise he will hope for something that is not gonna happen anyway!

    And in the end, never say never! :). I can see with the same interests etcetera that you 2 could become great friends! Take it from there and see what happens. But please calm him down and let him know it was not awkard at all! :)


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  • Only go out with him in a group setting. If he asks to go out alone ask him, "is this a date?". If he says yes, then tell him you're sorry and that you only see him as a friend

  • Well you should have told him you only wanted friendship before this. Now you're going to break his heart.

    • As I said before he was always friendly. I didn't expect this

    • if a guy is friendly to you and talks to you a lot he wants a relationship 99% of the time. now you know, but the situation you've gotten yourself into is unavoidable, unless you want to date him.

  • You friend zoned him = FAIL

    • He is a really shy person so he was always FRIENDLY only and i never knew it was going to be a date :) and as if you wouldn't friendzone a girl who you don't find physically attractive and don't find any chemistry at all

  • If you tell him you didn't know it was a date he may suspect you're just trying to preserve his feelings, which isn't a bad thing. He might think you lead him on, but that's his problem. This shit happens in life and he's got to go through it sometime. Sometimes you'll have a bit of chemistry with a girl and get on well but once she gets to know you better on a date she doesn't have romantic feelings for you. It happens, on to the next one.

    • Thank you :) and he was really always acting friendly so i couldn't have known and I really don't want to talk about politics and stuff cause i'm only 15. He's a really nice guy but we just don't click

    • That's cool. please be careful with dudes you meet online, you know what I mean?

  • Damn you put this guy in a fkd up spot! He's probably really insecure but hey, he needs to hear the truth right now before you lead him on more.

    Just say "i gotta talk to you about something..." "I had a great time with the movie... However, I don't wanna lead you on... To be honest, I only see you as a friend..."

    If he's not thick headed as hell (he might be considering he's anti-social), then he'll understand that you're not interested and he won't take you out again.

  • So you went on a date with someone you don't like because you didn't check prior who will now stalk you to the ends of the Earth?


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