Do you think he's interested?

I've known this guy for a little while, we've been texting every day since we first met. In the first couple days of knowing him, his mum apparently knew about me, I already met a bunch of his friends and one his family members. He was telling me the other night that his auntie calls me Queen B (my name is Bianca), jokingly though. Ever since then, he's been asking to see me most weekends. We caught up last night, went out for drinks, he asked me to stay with him that night and asked me to join-but I said no. When we were out, he asked me what sports I like/play, what my parents do etc. He asked for my opinion on something. I payed for some of his drinks and he did as well. I kept asking if he was going to drink much and he said only if you do. On my way home, he took me to a taxi rank and made sure I was okay. He's asked to see me today, to go to the beach and possibly go out tonight. He sent one of his friends a snapchat of me, and the guy replied saying 'she's beautiful isn't she' which was cute. As we were talking through the night, something came up about other girls and he mentioned, jokingly I think that girls are annoying, I feel he mentioned that in order for it to look like he doesn't associate with that many girls. When we got to this event, he started to hold my hands in front of his friends. A girl came up to us, said we were so beautiful, jokingly he said to her that I'm his sister..
He was really affectionate with me infront of his friends and was also holding my hand infront of them.
At one point I was talking to another guy and he seemed to be slightly jealous.
He made sure I got home safely and texted me after.


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  • he definitely likes you but is waiting for your green signal


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  • *Sarcasticly* I don't think he's interested at all...

  • Are you seriously asking this question?


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