How long to wait before texting/calling girl I just met?

I just met a girl thru family, we were at dinner with a big group of people and she was there. We talked pretty much the whole night, and as everyone was leaving she came over and asked for my number. We exchanged phone numbers and she told me that we need to "hang out really soon". So my question is, how long do I wait before calling or texting her? I was thinking waiting a couple days, but I want someone else's input also. Btw... I am 20, she is 23.



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  • That 3 days is bs. If you want to call her,do it. the fact she asked for your number means she interested and seriously waiting around for a call that never comes is not fun. Also you might want to find out about what she meant by "hang out really soon".


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  • Have you ever been told to wait 72 hours to call or text a girl, its total BS. If you wait, it could give her the impression that you are not interested. I say call her tomorrow sometime, don't be afraid to show her that you are interested, she obviously is.

    • Thanks man. Do you know of anything good to say when I text/call her for the first time? Something funny or just something to break the ice a litle bit?