Am I moving on way too fast?

Its been about a week and a half since i broke up with my last boyfriend, and i'm already talking to another guy. But before it was a bad relationship, he emotionally abused me and stuff and the new guy is everything that he wasn't. So do u think its too soon. This is for guys and girls


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  • There is no "too soon".

    • Thanks, I ask too soon because I don't want to make the same mistakes and stuff.

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    • I will try not, because this new guy is just wonderful and amazing and everything. In my eyes he is perfect. He says the same thing bout me. Who knows he might be the one.

    • Wondrous.

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  • no itssss fine...

  • Its not too soon for a new bf most people have a new one in mind or have been talking too them before they brake up with someone men and women

  • I'd say yes. Even though I'm a guy if I do that I get kinda anxious if I come out of a relationship and dive straight in with someone too close to the break up. A good guy is not the antidote to a bad guy! Stay single and get right I say.

    • Thank you, We was friends before and he comforted me during everything and then before I knew it we started flirting , it was like hey this makes me feel better. Thanks for your honesty also.

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    • Some girls feel alone and unsupported after getting out of a relationship... If they guy was an asshole and the friend is a good guy, feelings get confused.

    • True they do, I might see if we can slow down.

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