She friend zoned me then got jealous?

I'm in the friend zone with this girl, we dated and she told me she didn't want a relationship. I kept hanging out with her though and at a point realized I had to move on so this weekend I went out with another girl. She always talks to me about shit so when she asked what I did I told her and she seemed to get really upset although she was trying to act normal. I really did just think we were friends at this point but she kept asking me "so this was just you guys hanging out, it wasn't serious right" is she interested in me still?


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  • She used you for attention aka she's an attention whore. Another woman got your attention so now the friend zone girl is jealous... Even if she is interested now this situation says a lot about her character... When she had the chance she took you for granted. Good job


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  • No, she appears to be interested but she's not. She missed your attention. Good job moving on and dating other girls.

  • She sounds jealous, and might be regretting friend zoning you. And she definitely misses the attention you once gave her before this other girl came into the picture.

  • its time to be blunt with her

  • I bet she's thinking some how it's your fault for being a guy with needs other than "being friends"
    she seems a bit crazy and obsessive. if she tries to break you and your current GF up I would stop talking to her.