Should I make a move on him?

In break time at my school, I see this handsome boy passing near my class and we happen to make eye contact almost everyday. But i don't know if he look at me just accidentally... we lock eyes for 3-4 sec. How can I know if he's interested?
And how can I introduce myself to him? I get along well with some of his classmates.. but I don't wanna seem melted after him because he's really handsome and maybe he's aware of it lol.


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  • You'll never find out for sure if you don't talk to him. What you can do is taking advantage of the situation, if you know some of his classmates you can "accidentaly" talk to him some day. Try to ask him an opinion about something, something that can make him keep talking, make sure to be kind and if you manage the conversation well enough it may be enough to discover or easier to keep talking in the future.


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  • If you are chill with his group, mate have a group meet up, in which they can invite their mates, such as him
    Then you can get the chance to talk more and get to know him better. You may nt like him personality wise, as a good looking guy myself, I know these things ;)

  • Just walk up to him and say, "Hi! my name is [name]. I really like you."

    • Not gd, some girls did that to me once, wasn't a great first impression tbh m8

    • It would work with me. I guess it doesn't work with some guys, but it does work with others.

  • yes, go for it.


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