Why would she stand me up?

I had a date planned with this girl yesterday and we had been texting a lot, all along the way she showed no signs that she was losing interest, and seemed to be excited about finally meeting me in person (we met online). However yesterday she didn't reply to me at all, what gives?

I should specify that I did not meet her on a dating site, we just met and started chatting


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  • I understand her because online dating is risky you can meet someone and they can be a complete different person than what they said they are who knows you could even be a rapist so I would've probably did the same thing as her

    • so she probably just freaked out when she realized that she was meeting a complete stranger?

    • Yeah probably

    • Thanks for MHO!!!


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  • really impossible to give. perhaps she had second thoughts. perhaps she met someone else. perhaps she had a dude. perhaps she was just stringing you along. perhaps she got nervous. perhaps a school bus driven by the ghost of Ray Charles hit her on the way to the date.

    like I said it's really impossible to know, but you can be sure that short of some emergency it's pretty lame to stand someone up without any good reason

  • She wanted a mature Swampert not a Mudkip JK
    Uhm maybe she just got nervous to meet you, even though you chatted through the internet meeting someone in the flesh can be a nervous experience. I would suggest trying to video chat. ask her if she has a Skype or something!
    Good luck!

  • This defines online girls. Fickle with low self esteem. Only on there for pure enjoyment of receiving 300 messages kissing their asses. Those Girls and guys can hold this L

  • She got scared

  • "online"

    she maybe expected chemistry but the date gave her the impression that you both don't fit

    • The date never happened. she didn't show up and hasn't responded to any of my texts since the day before yesterday

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    • no, she had only seen my face

    • I don't know man. so many reasons, maybe even a catfish