Any idea to ask for his number without to seem I like him?

I know this guy from class, we are a lab partners we talk to each other but I don't have his contact (phone or email), and next week we're meeting for the last for the final exam. I like him and I'm not sure if he likes back me or not. anyway, I don't want to do not see him again. I want to ask for him phone number in friendly way without to seem that i like him. any idea?


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  • Yes, finally a question that can be simple but, so dreadfully hard... no kidding chica, ask the poor boy for his number. Say,( hey really liked talking to you this semester, now that this is out of the way, here's my number, maybe we should hangout. ) OR ask him for his number, we love this because it takes the freakin guess work out of what you might be thinking, I sware he is writing the same question you are, see, here it is ( This hot chick, at my school, that I study with is awesome, I like her, and want her number, but she might reject me, and then, it will ruin the whole world by causing a chain reaction of events that will eventually destroy the world. Moral of the story chica, tell the boy you like to call him sometime😉😁


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  • Just because you ask for his number doesn't mean anything, just ask him! I literally ask for the majority of peoples numbers that I meet. Or you can say you wanna keep in touch, simple as that!

  • If we're in class together I wouldn't be weirded out by a female asking me for my number to go study.


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  • How about adding him on Facebook or instagram?