Is it boring to be with a partner who is really laid back and doesn't push arguments? Guys?

So I am in this relationship and I either I am bored or I feel like I am boring. Not sure which one.

Is it boring being with a girl that is laid back and doesn't push arguments much?

This is me:
I reach out to my partner once - three times every two days or so...
When we hang out, once a week, I go with the flow. We cook for each other, go hiking or just for a drive in the country...
When he doesn't answer the phone or call, I don't get upset and if I do become upset I just express my feelings in text but in a calm manner...
I don't push to spend time together but I show that I love being with him...
I verbally express how much he means to me but I don't demand to move faster in the relationship...

Is not arguing, nagging or pushing for more a sign of a boring girlfriend? I am so confused in this situation lol.


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  • I am trying to find a girl who is similar. I had an argumentative girlfriend and it is really annoying. They ruin a great day. When I was dating this girl she would try to pick arguments every chance she could get and I really did not like it. I notice girls who go for guys where arguments fly constantly and don't know why they like those types. The relationships end up looking really ugly and dramatic.


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  • Will you marry me? lol... gotta ask... its nice to know there are girls that are chilled out n not just constantly nag. i don't think you are a boring gf.. i think you are Perfection lol

    • Haha taken sorry. :P What is nagging though? I ask him if we can do things sometimes, like a play or go walk through the Christmas tree tent so I can smell the trees and to take me camping. Is that annoying?

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    • would you mind sharing with the class?

    • Haha sure.
      My asking of going to a Christmas play: He only likes one Christmas movie and doesn't like Christmas Music at all, unless they are hymns, so I realize that is just not up his alley.
      My asking to walk through the Christmas Tree lot: He asked when and I said when we pass one but I shouldn't have assumed he would have remembered after our hour or so drive because it was something I wanted that I simply mentioned without real stress as too we HAVE to do this, it was more nonchalant mentioning.
      The camping request: He doesn't camp traditionally and told me I would have to by a backpacking kit but he would love to bring me... I haven't bought a backpack lol.

      See what I mean when I say I think through things before picking an argument? lol

  • I like a good argument, especially when I get to smash a few plates. It adds excitement and spice to life.

  • I'm really laid back, I like this I feel less pressure.

  • You are good.


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  • Hmm, that's odd lol. EVERY relationship has it's argument, challenges, and debate. I think when a relationship is TOO PERFECT there's something wrong. There's no such thing as perfect.

    • I just am not a confrontational person... I usually am able to see three perspectives and that keeps me calm to where I can talk it out with him. It's super weird lol. I don't think we are perfect though nor is our relationship.

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    • Only time will tell right? Still early, four months.

    • Then that's who you are. Nothing can't be change. In l am not confrontational too unless i have too. Things are just running smoothly at this given time for you i guess :)