Feel like im losing control of my relationship?

Been dating two years. I've been going through some military training and been really stressed can only see my girl once a month. She kept telling me about other guys hitting on her and stuff everytime j would see her. I accused her of playing headgames. She got all pissed and proved me wrong. Feel like a dumbass. Do you think she understands I'm going through a lot? Been feeling more needy and what not I seem to text first all the time when she used to be crazy about me I don't know if she's just trying to give me space. I'm done bringing up emotional topics though.


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  • I'm not sure if she understands that you are. But if she's giving you space so it seems is so you can gather your thoughts. And well I can understand your frustration my best friend is in the military and now I won't be able to see him for a few years. But maybe you should tell her what you're going through. Explain why you feel that way and why you accused her of playing mind games. Communication among other things is key in a relationship. So my advice is when you can or if you can call her and explain why you've been that way, just talk bro. I feel like your emotions have to be part of the topic for discussion with her, but that's just me. Best of luck.

    • I did and I told her. This is my first real relatons hip and I feel as the man j should dominate any topic of conversation and argument while having complete control of the relationship. Feel I'm losing that.

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    • So I'm wrong for thinking this way? Like I said thus is my first relationship. Before it was just casual sex so I'm used to having all the power.

    • It seems to me like all this is in your head and you're just being insecure because she mentioned the 'other guys' and you don't see her as often. I don't think it has to do with being in control of the relationship just you doubting yourself in the relationship.

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  • You are in the military, she should understand that. and just because she showed or told you some crap that made it seem like you are wrong doesn't mean you are... women just know how to make us feel dumb, you gotta get past that and see the facade she is putting up. I think she understands what you are going through but as always, she still wants attention regardless. What you need to do is to give it to her straight. Let her know that you have obligations but still find time to see her and if that is not good enough for her.. she can go to all the "other guys hitting on her".. dont EVER be afraid to dismiss a girl that doesn't appreciate what you do man. that fear is what they use on us. If you show no fear, they have nothing.

    • She does man and she is a loyal girl to me it's just tough seeing her once a month get all these irrational thoughts. Feel like she's losing interest or is seeing me as being weak n needy. I know it's probabaly not true but these are the thoughts going through my head.

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    • so why the question? are you having an insecure moment?

    • I suppose you can say that just feel she is either getting way comftorable or losing interest. She still talkd and plans out stuff for us to move in together soon so I don't know.