Hey Dolls and Guys, what is a dating deal breaker for you?

One time, I dated a girl who hacked into my Facebook, stole my phone to read messages, and sat in my neighborhood for hours, just to see if another woman would come over when she left, obviously stalker, psycho, crazy- witch is a turn off, and a red flag, it took me a few weeks to ditch her as she also dabbled in witch craft... I know, I know, where did I find this chick, and what was I thinking? To my defense she was super hot like, Ashley Green hot!!! So what were your craziest experience guys and girls, and was it a deal breaker or are you still trapped?


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  • HAHAHA wow that is the definition of crazy-psycho.
    Deal breaker for me would be if he is doing stuff behind my back.

    • Lol, like what making faces, flipping you the bird, c'mon details... and did you have a bad experience?

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  • If you smoke cigarettes or weed, you are instantly out of question. Also liking any of the Twilight movies.

  • Deal breaker? Only if she is ugly, fat, or something like that.

  • Burning down my house, stealing my child and stalking way more than one could imagine. Also I had others but those 3 take the cake.