Am I just being paranoid girls?

I asked a girl out and she said yes and seemed excited. So on Sunday I asked if she was free the next weekend but she had to close Friday and Saturday. We don't go out on Sunday's (we're both the same religion). She said she didn't have her schedule for the next week but she thought she would be able to go Friday or Saturday but that she would let me know when her schedule is out. I've been getting nervous that she doesn't really want to go. I saw her today and she hi and smiled but didn't say anything about it and wasn't as friendly as usual. I'm not sure what to think.


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  • All girls are different, give her time!

    • What do you mean by they are all different?

    • They all react in different ways, some girls feel that playing hard to get is the answer just to see will a guy continue to like them even if they are pushing them away. I am not referring to mind tricks or manipulation just some girls can be insecure about their feelings. That's how I react to guys who come on to me. But many of my friends would be more confident in themselves and their actions would speak louder than words. Honestly just wait for a while, I'm sure she will soon get back to you :)

    • Thank you for clarifying. This is very helpful


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  • She wants to go... relax.

  • There is a 3 day rule. If things will be then they will be. any added pressure on her will only leave her with one answer.. a no. So be calm and cool. Wish ya the best man.

    • That's why I'm not pressuring her I left it at that. I just get worried

  • Not an opinion from me, sorry, but thanks for asking this question. I'm in the exact same situation!