I'm I within reason to at least want to know why she won't add or reply to me online?

I'm friends with this girl from my hometown and we do talk and hang out when we see each other in person usually at local bars or pubs. and we have known each other for a while and live close to each other but I can't get her to add me or reply to anything I send to her social media accounts and really not sure why or whats going on here. I feel like at the very least I'm owed an explanation as we've know each other for a while and her not replying really makes our friendship rather odd , I felt our time together in person was genuine and that she was interested in having a conversation with me so not sure why she's completely uninterested in talking to me online. and worry there may be something really bad on her profile she is hiding from me. or at very least something she doesn't want me to see ever.

  • yes it wouldn't hurt to know why , she should tell you
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  • no its her privacy and whatever the reason is it is
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  • not sure / other please explain
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  • That is weird. Maybe she just doesn't think the the friendship should progress past just bumping into each other how you do now.

    • it is weird , she is a bit younger than me so we didn't go to high school together so not known each other for years but have know her for at least a couple by now. I'm just not sure why she doesn't want to even keep in touch even on a casual level outside of the bar

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  • Sorry bro but no one has to explain themselves to you. Ever.


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