Do guys think about the time between texts as well?

I've been texting with someone new, and for some reason, this time around have been looking at how much time has passed between texts. This guy texts back pretty quick;y, which is just fine by me, but at times when I can't text back until some time later, he doesn't text back. So I'm not sure if he's just busy later on or if he got pissed that something happened and I had to stop texting. I never used to think it mattered, but now I guess I'm just curious as to if guys care about that sort of thing at all or not.


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  • I'm usually busy if I don't text my gf back and know if I respond and start a conversation then 5 min later I'm too busy to respond she will get mad and think I'm ignoring her lol If I can I'll tell her I'm busy but that's about it really. The only time I'd think about it is if we were arguing and she stopped replying lol Plus I much prefer having a good amount of stuff saved for when we're together in person and not texting.


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  • I do not, Usually I get very busy with something I cannot leave immediately even for a few seconds, Plus if I text back immeditaly every single time you will eventually run out of things to say.

    I'd like to save some of the things for us to say to each other when we are actually together.

  • Its a Yes for me, like I saw the text, I didn't want to be a creep and text her back immediately every single time, like she just sent that text, and I'm going to respond to her 1 second after the text... So yea sometimes I wait


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