Should I be stressing out about this?

This girl said yes to a date with me and without hesitation. She even made sure we had eachothers number. I asked her on Saturday if she was free the next weekend but she had to close both nights but said that she could probably do it the next week. She said she would let me know when she got her work schedule. It's Wednesday and I haven't heard back and it's stressing me out because I don't if she hasn't got her schedule or if she doesn't want to do this.


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  • don't stress about anything, if she can she'll let you know
    even if she says no you shouldn't stress you should just continue cause someone better will come your way

    • I know I'm just stressed because she did say yes and seemed excited and I said date so she knows.

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    • Sorry my bad I asked hey would you like to go on a date and she yes. When do you want to do it? So pretty much she is supposed to le me know know if she works the next week

    • oh ok ok, well don't stress about it, i hope she goes to the date with you and you have a good time bro good luck


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  • I wouldn't stress it but you could send her a quick text just to see if she's still on for a date.


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  • Im in the same exact situation my friend. I honestly would say don't stress but its hard sometimes, even more so when they don't text you back but talk to you all flirty..