If you dated someone that smokes pot and the cops caught him, will you get in trouble?

the title pretty much explain my question. if the your answer depends, please explain it.

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  • If you're there when they get busted you certainly won't be treated as an innocent bystander by the officers. You'll have to submit to a drug test. But unless you were smoking as well you'll be fine. Good luck talking your way out of that though. My friend was caught in a situation like that once (sitting in a friend's car while the friend smoked pot) and the officer flat out told her she was an idiot hahahaha :p and she was. But he let her go because even though she was a royal bitch to him she didn't test positive for drugs and seemed aware of what was happening.

    She later complained to me about it and I had no sympathy for her. You don't be bitchy to cops. Especially when you're the one being the idiot.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Nope.
    Not unless I had some on me, or decided to rub from the cops like a guilty person.

  • I mean, if you aren't the one smoking pot, then you won't be the one getting in trouble. I don't see how you would

  • Weeds gonna be fully legal by 2016 so the cops don't even do shit if you have it anymore...
    Real shit

    • Depends on your state I guess? It's decriminalized in California so that would explain it. No way in hell a cop would just let you go where I live

    • I'm in cali. Haha they don't give a shit unless its wax because its a "controlled substance" but even then they just take it and make you squish it into the dirt.

  • Um, if you are not in possession of it, no. It isn't a guilty by association thing


What Guys Said 2

  • If you were with him when you got caught, it's very possible. If you weren't there when he did, & you don't have any drugs in your possession, you should be ok.

  • Legally you will only get in trouble if you were in possession of it too