How to get a guy at youth group?

I'm just wondering how to attract this guy at my youth group. He's 15, and I'm 14 :) How do I get him to like me/ ask for my number?

Btw- he's a really big Christian, and I am too :)


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  • You are really young in my opinion to date and stuff. Just be friend to him first. Have fun together, enjoy time together. You will start to know him when you spend some time. You will understand you really like him or not.

    Really; you do not have to be someone else. Just be yourself. Have fun and be friends first. Say a simple hi, talk about simple things like courses. It will come.


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  • you people should grow up and abandon "imaginary friends"... if you catch my drift...

  • Why not you giving him yo number :) ?

    • too nervous!!! and he's the kind of guy that would be intimidated by that! i don't even know him that well!

  • I guess flirt with him or just ask for it be confident also how big of Christian are you and is this America

    • We both attend the same Church- he is an "intense" Christian ie: his dad is the pastor for the Church

      And no- we live in NZ

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    • sorry if I have offended you

    • cool peace prays to the lord

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  • Ask him when he isn't in youth group sometimes religion can change the way people think and it might be easier to get his attention when he isn't thinking about the bible