Chemistry, now... or later?

Can chemistry begin later on in a relationship? Or is it something that MUST happen on first meeting?


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  • It might not happen on first date, BUT the chemistry should be there before a relationship.

    • And I just want to ask... what is chemistry exactly? I've read and heard many different versions... I mean, me and this girl get along. She says she has fun each time she sees me, she texts me if i don't text her; we kiss, we hold hands, Monday night she was all over me... yet she said she didn't feel the chemistry... I don't get it...

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    • I should mention that she said she didn't feel the chemistry BEFORE Monday evening... The way she was that night, there was definitely something... Which didn't live true to her words of "i don't feel the chemistry" (which was sent via text, by the way, not face to face)

    • Maybe give her some time, and she will know what to do

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  • it can happen either way. usually people hit it off because it happened so fast though.

  • I prefer it immediately. I kinda have wild flings and honestly thats kinda how I want to keep it

    • I don't just want a fling with this girl... if possible i would like to have LTR with her. Obviously i can't force it... I've been seeing her for a little over a month now, known her for longer than that. Is there still a chance that i can build that chemistry? Can i still prevent myself from getting friendzoned?

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    • And how would i go about doing that? I do all the chivalrous things: buying flowers, open car doors, and other doors, and take her seat out for her. And what do you mean by the "classical sense"? Do you mind elaborating for me please?

    • On a first date once when I cared about girls lol I took a girl out to the beach and lit a fire using drift wood and what not we feed the birds and drank wine and watched the sunset. That worked. When I was in school we had a building that overlooked the bay and I broke into the roof and me and a girl just hung out and watched the lights from the city across the way. Basically you got to set a mood but fun like. Show her you are a good time