Is it better to ask a girl out for a date a few days in advance? Or are same day dates just as good?

is it better to ask a girl out with a few days between the asking and the date itself. like ask her midweek for a date on the weekend.
or is it just as good to ask her out for something that might be going on later that same day/night. like seeing her Saturday morning and asking her to a concert or something that same night.
does it even matter that much? is it just personal preference?


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  • I think asking in advance is better. If you ask the same day the girl might already have made plans for the night. She probably doesn't already have plans if you ask now ;)


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  • would you rather be asked out in advance or same day?

  • I've been taught by friends and family that if a guy asks to hang out on the same day, it's not a date unless he specifies it's a date, and even then, apparently asking me out on the same day means he doesn't care enough about me to put a lot of thought and effort into the date and planning it in advance. Also it can mean that I'm the back up date - i. e. You asked a different girl out and she cancelled on the day of the date, so now you're asking me.

    So if other girls have been taught the same stuff I have, then they may not take you seriously if you ask them out on same day dates.


What Guys Said 1

  • For same day dating, the key is to subtly find out if she's busy that day. Don't ask for the date until after you find out that info--and it usually works best if you are able to go on the date with her immediately upon asking, so you might say "hey, I'd love to keep chatting, would you like to grab a coffee?" Instant date.

    If you aren't able to find out if she's busy right now or later in the day, err on the side of asking for a date for another day. Asking for a date on a different day is safest, but same day dating will have more impact. Good luck!