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Me and my boyfriend have only been together about a week (Since the 1st) and in the beginning it was real nice but this week he has changed.. we don't talk as much and today he kinda ignored me. I don't know if it's because of something I did or what but I don't really know what to say sometimes. Any conversation ideas or something?

Well I'm breaking it off because he was getting nudes from other girls because I wouldn't send him any so yeah... thanks anyways people..


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  • Coming from a boy, unless were 100% comfortable in trust we don't open up about our true feelings because we try to fit our stereotype of not having 'soft' feelings and not being bothered about anything
    But we still can't avoid it so silence and things are our kind of ways of getting a message across, although this may just turn out to be nothing more than an anomaly or a teenage mood swing, we all have them!

    A convorsation idea, as either a remedy or starter is a positive compliment, it's a known fact people LOVE talking about themselves
    Maybe comment on something about him, it'll be different for who he is but since ur in a relationship u can do it in a flirty way like 'have you seriously been working out lately?' Or 'I like what uve done with ur hair'
    Those comments really do get to us! XD

    Hope this helps! :)


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  • He may have things on his mind or things going on in his life he doesn't feel confortable talking to you about. You could mention to him that he doesn't seem as talkative , and ask if he is okay, that way he knows you have noticed and that you are concerned about him.

  • Text him less or just don't for a few days, if he really likes you he'll make time for you. Try to be busy too with your own hobbies, show that your not gonna whine for him u got your own life too

  • it's been a week a person can't change that much in a week. Maybe its just that you are now seeing his true colors.