How do I ask where we stand?

I have been going on a couple of dates but i have no idea where we stand. He is super nice and he seems interested when we hang out but he has never mention what he wants between us. He never texts me during the week unless it is to invite me out. he always lets me know a day in advance or early that day. It is never a booty call or anything like that. they are actual dates. how do i ask where this is going without seeming pushy. I just dont want to waste my time.
by the way he went out clubbing and told me how he was trying to dance with girls, which made me feel like he was friend zoning me.


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  • If it's only been a couple dates, why not just enjoy things? Does it matter where it's going yet? I mean if it's been a month or two, and you're not sure, then ask, but otherwise just enjoy the time you spend with him and these things have a way of making themselves clear.

    • It has almost been 2 months and he hasn't even hinted anything at all. I just want to have things clear if not I would like to meet someone that is looking for something a little bit more serious.

    • Then back off. Completely. If he wants you or misses you he'll come looking for you. If not he won't. In my experience asking a guy doesn't always get you an honest answer. Because guys don't want to hurt your feelings, they usually tell you what you want to hear.


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  • You ask "where do you see us going?"


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  • Just be like I really like you and I want to continue dating, but I need to know where's this going. Just simply ask that's what I would do 😉

    • would you do it through text? i'm a really anxious person and i don't know when ill see him again.

    • If you're not sure if you'll see him I wouldn't do it though text. I would call him instead it would show you were more confident! Guys like confident girls 😁