When guys say you're intimidating or too beautiful?

I'm attractive and pretty but I dress so average and down almost. I dress very non intimidating and never wear make up. I'm very friendly nice down to earth. Never stuck up because I grew up in a small town and never cared to even think I was pretty. I'm petite and I'm assuming men find me intimidating simply cuz I'm pretty. If I'm so non approachable then why are men always rude to me and even making fun of me? I don't get that.

Also men who've been very abusive to me have told me I'm too beautiful as if it's a bad thing. As if they have the right to mistreat me because I'm too pretty. Aren't there women who are too pretty who men like? Do men really just hate pretty women this much. I don't get it. Most men treat me like a weirdo because I'm pretty and even are rude to me


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  • Abusive men hate women. Good men do not have women.

    That being said, being pretty can have its downside, one of which is that some men are intimidated, thinking that you will reject them because most pretty women have a wider array of dating options.

    Now I would say that my wife was beautiful, but I'm biased in that regard. Men were intimidated by her, but they didn't really treat her weird. By my friend's accounts, my sister was very pretty in her youth. Again, men were intimidated by her, but they didn't really treat her weird or abusive. It does make me wonder why men seemed to have treated them differently than they have treated you. Do you have any ideas on that, asker?


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  • I can't understand those guys either. I'd never treat a pretty and nice girl, as you describre yourself, like this.

    • Oh ok. Yeah I don't either. It's weird how they're out there though. Is there a psychological reason behind it. I mean a real true one

  • I gotta be honest its girls like you why I'm scared to talk to girls you could have the sweetest personality but be so damn hot and I'm thinking in my mind that the minute I try to go talk to this girl she's gonna tear me apart. Its part of the reason I'm 23 still don't have a girlfriend

    • So why would u think those women would tear you apart. Has it happened before? Men do seem scared of me though I'm nice.

    • No it hasn't before but I anticipate it based on my looks

  • Well beauty has nothing to do with how you dress.. I know this girl whose face alone is hotter and more intimidating than the majority of people I've ever seen.. and her body is even more impressive.

    I think the "rude" part is just to make sure the girl notices them. not sure.

    • Well I think that's how I am. Beautiful and stand out but to be honest I think if I was an adult in the 80s id be seen as more average. But yes it seems just for being naturally
      Beautiful I get treated this way. I figured men are rude yes to get attention too and to reject me because I'm hot and they thjnk I'm too good for them?

    • haha maybe, maybe not :d
      Well only boys do those things.. men are mature enough to not do that.
      I think it's all on the mindset.
      I don't know for others, but im planning to ask this girl out no matter how intimidating she may look; she seems to like me back, so why not?

  • Guys are always apprehensive when dealing with very beautiful, confident and/or assertive women because they're afraid that she'll leave them for another guy. As far as I'm concerned this is usually the case. Prove me wrong?

  • Where are you from? lets go on a date? I'll treat you good

    • You're from Australia? I hear the people there are nice. Where I live they are craziest weirdos. I'm sure u would

    • Yes I'm from Sydney. Hahah I'm curious where you're from now..

  • What do they say when they make fun of you?

    • Duno making comments saying things about me. In general that's how most men are. Just being rude to me. Laughing at me.

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    • Most adults act that way towards me. Almost all of the time it's strange. I'm scared of men now

    • A man on a date tried to give me advice on my posture. I hit on him like tons of times giving him lots of outright signals. In the end he didn't do anything then later said I didn't give him enough body language. Total bs

  • Lots of guys dread rejection, in our minds we think the prettiest girls get the most handsome guys. We think "the odds are against us I don't want to go through the pain of rejection" and we move on with our lives.

    • Oh yeah true. But why are they rude to those women. That's what I don't get. Cuz they want them and feel they can't have them!

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    • Lots of ways. All the time. Any way u can think of. Comments laughing at me. Mean to me. Treating me as if I'm an it not a person

    • Once a fat short guy a date was laughing at me through text saying hahahaha I bet u can't even get laid. I was a gorgeous wannabe model. He was short fat and weird. Im baffled

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