Which one would you consider dating?

All of these have mental health problems. Assuming it doesn't make them dangerous and will go unnoticed by most people on the street who don't know them. It could just be mild anxiety or social anxiety or mild ocd.

  • None of them
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  • Mental health problem but talks about it openly
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  • Mental health problem but keeps it in
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And option D - all of them.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would rather he be open about it. Not necessarily with everyone, but at least be forthcoming with me.


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What Girls Said 3

  • a guy who talks about it openly is fine with me as long as its not the center of every conversation and he doesn't use it for pity with other people or to make me feel sorry for him & forgive him in arguments because that would get really irritating

  • I have MANY issues myself and last year was dating a
    Irish ceramist who was very publicly schizophrenic.

    To say that we were sexually infatuated with each other is
    a total understatement :)

    I did make my usual "exit stage left" after two incredible months :)

  • I have, social anxiety so yeah


What Guys Said 2

  • Apparently my opinion is not shared by most guys, but it annoys me when someone talks about their mental health all the time, especially if they constantly make light of their 'problem'. I don't think mild anxiety or mild ocd are really a terrible thing at all and there's no need to advertise it all over the place.

    • Could you give an example?

    • I mean if someone is always talking about "oh, I have mild autism, mild autism this and that, sorry this is because I have mild autism", it gets annoying. I wouldn't want them to keep it a secret, but I don't want them to actively make sure every person they see on the street knows about it either.

  • Mental health problems are so varied and can affect people in so many different ways that it is impossible to answer this without being told what they have and how it affects them.