Why is she ignoring my third date request?

We went on two dates and she came up with the idea for the third date and seemed interested. I just didn't setup a date. So we talked some a couple days after the date and now I decided to actually try to schedule a third date for this weekend and I haven't heard from her. Why did she seem so interested at the end of the second date and then not seem interested anymore a few days later? Is she playing hard to get now or something?


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  • There are a number of things that could be going on here. But the most likely is you might be the backup guy to the other guys she is dating/interested in, or she's just not that into you. <aybe it got serious with someone else that she's more attracted to. Try not to act too surprised if she eventually just bails on you, or doesn't try to contact you again. Above all, don't get angry. It's happened to the best of us - recently a girl just stopped contact altogether, like someone I see every week. I don't appreciate people like that - impolite/cowardly people who don't have the courtesy to be upfront aren't worth my (or your) time.

    • She must have bitched out all of a sudden or found someone else. I haven't heard from her.

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  • Did you call her? If you texted maybe she didn't get it or phone is broken. Maybe you waited too long

    • we still texted everyday for a couple days after the date, before starting to mention what we could do on the next date. Is that too long? I didn't want to seem over eager.

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    • I guess she changed. her mind. I haven't even heard from her.

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  • I don't think she gives a rat cap. try to ask some one else