Will guys like me even though I have some extra weight on me?

i'm scared they all just think I'm fat and its making me self conscious. I'm not like enormous but I've never been asked on a date and I'm a freshman in college currently. i'm African American, 5'5, 190 LBS, but I'm muscular, i have a butt, and i have boobs and i try to dress nice and be as genuine as possible. i know I'm not like the other skinny, blonde, "hot" college girls but it would be nice if a guy was interested in me


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  • Of course guys will like you. Have you ever heard of "chubby chasers"? They're the type of people that go for the people with a bit of extra fat on them. The more important question is, do you have a pretty face? Because, I've met plenty of guys who go for bigger girls, but not really any that go for the ugly ones (unless, you know, she had a good personality, or whatever).

    • im not sure, i wear makeup, not a lot, but this guy said i have pretty cheeks so I don't know

    • He probably did think you were pretty (some people aren't very good at compliments, so they say something like that), or of course it could just be he thought you had pretty cheeks. Never really know what a person is really thinking. But, just make sure you take proper care of yourself, like bathing, brushing your hair, teeth, things like that, and you'll find somebody (because, like, there was this girl I knew who was seriously a babe, but she never really bathed, so she smelled horrible and I just couldn't do that - on top of having a crap personality, but that's a whole other thing there).


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  • You're 10 pounds heavier than me yet 7 inches shorter. I couldn't do that sorry.


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  • Someone is always going to be prettier, hotter, smarter. But there is never going to a you :) you are unique and beautiful because you are you!

  • Be confident! Ask someone on a date. Men are scared these days

    • i have asked, but they all say no

    • Guys are dicks these days. It's their loss. Girls with some meat on their bones are way better to hang with than fake girls who try to hard to be perfect!