How do I tell a guy that I don't like him more than a friend?

I'm 17, an this 19 yr old guy likes me. I would like him too if I were maybe older. How should I tell him that I don't think of him as more than a friend? Also, what's your opinion on the age difference, and how would you in general, go about bringing that difference up to your parents?


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  • Just flat-out tell him, but make sure you are 100% clear that you have no feelings for him. But be prepared that you might to lose him as a friend too.


What Girls Said 1

  • I've been there and i know its not easy but if your not feeling it its not fare to them. So remember that and it is good of you to cut it off fast to make it easy for both of you. He will get over it, life goes on and someone will appreciate him fully which everyone deserves so dont feel guilty.

    2 years is nothing im 27 and would date a guy up to 34, its really nothing as you get older. wow 2 years thats actually good at your age maybe he's more mature.