Is it wrong to expect a teenage boy to be faithful?

I totally understand we're young and have time to figure out and try things but why start a relationship with someone if you're not willing to stay? It isn't fair to make some develop feelings. I understand not all teenage boys are like this but every one I've encountered was. This last one really meant something to me and he was my first love and my best friend in the whole world. We're friends now but it took awhile. I'm glad he still comes to me with things and trusts me but he keeps talking to easy girls that'll hook up with him whenever he snaps his fingers. We had such a great time and he helped through my most difficult time and showed me how to feel again. Then he sort of just screwed me over.


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  • I think it completely depends on the teenager and whether they are an older or younger teenager
    Some have good morals and have everything worked out, so would never cheat
    Other r's would cheat if the girl was good enough
    So what you want is to find a guy who you know well enough who who you trust enough
    And there are PLENTY out there, unlike what others have said, sex isn't the only thing that goes through our mind, and a LOT of teenagers look for meaningful relationships around this time of hormonal apocalypse
    Hope this helps! :)


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  • To be frank, in the current era you can't expect ANYONE to be faithful, irrespective of age and gender because people only seem to be concerned about sleeping with as many people people as possible in their lives. So if someone is indeed faithful, that should just be considered a bonus.


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  • Yes and no.
    No because of your age. Unfortunatly people don't take a relationship seriously at your age.
    And yes because you are right, if you are going to start a relationship people should know its a commitment. So I'm sorry you have gone through this, we all have at some point. Just know you are very mature for your age. Also you will find someone who will stay. One day, just don't let these type of guys take away from who you are. :)

  • Asolutely. . .. I believe that a person is basically who they're going to be the time they are 13 to 15 years old. so if you have character it needs to be Fostered and encourage by the person or persons who are raising him. All you will get is a better man the type of man that women dream of having. I'm proud to say that my 13 year old is a better man then many of the ones I meet on a daily basis

  • I'm sorry I LOL. But in all seriousness I don't think it's wrong but it's highly unlikely. Tbh