I am a lazy girlfriend? Opinions please?

So my boyfriend said that I don't do anything... I am lazy. Note that I work and I am in the military. He invites me over to his house to spend time with him. He spends most his time in the garage building a car while I watch Netflix, and clean/cook every time I come over. Note we don't live together but I clean HIS house. Scrubbing toilets, showers, sweeping, mopping, and doing dishes at least twice daily. I feel unappreciated. He works from home. WTF is wrong with him.


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  • Something doesn't make sense. You clean his house, and he calls you lazy? Either he's joking with you or there's more to it than what you've said.

    • I was sitting on the couch after cleaning watching Netflix. He says " you just sit here and eat junk food". He was upset that I wanted to cook brown rice because I am trying to lose a few pounds. He says" I saw you make a sandwich this morning". However, that's all he has in his house. I ask " well what am I suppose to eat there aren't many healthy choices" ... and he says " that's not my problem".

    • He said 'all you do is eat junk food' as a result of being upset that you tried to eat healthier rice? Now you're making him seem illogical.

      Regardless, if you know you're not lazy, then you're not, simple as that.


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  • You're not lazy. He just doesn't appreciate it.


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  • Why are you cleaning his house for him? That's his job. You're not lazy, he is.

    He's also an ass.