I've never kissed before, and I think it's affecting my dates?

Ok so I'm 25 and I've never kissed a girl before. So obviously I'm worried about giving the girl a crappy awkward kiss and put her off. I seem to find it hard to even just give the girl a simple kiss on the cheek. Do girls start getting worried if you do on two or three dates and haven't gotten a kiss yet? I went on two dates and we just hugged both times.


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  • Haha that is so cute,, lol just watch some Utube video on kissing how to kiss, or get a dummy and practice just kidding thats creepy,,, i think u should kiss on the second/third date probably a cheek kiss on the first, and i don't think girls do, becuz I've actually got kissed on the second/first date


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  • I've also never kissed any one before. While i'm younger, I understand the fear of being bad at it. It's a lot of pressure and you don't want to throw them off but, I think you should just go for it. Also in my opinion it depends on the girl because I would be perfectly fine not kissing someone for the first few dates (but that's more because I'm scared to). Also maybe.. you could just tell them you've never kissed someone before? Maybe they won't care

    *sorry if I'm not much help*


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  • you have to make the move man. Don't over think it bro, its not that complicated, its only difficult/awkward if you make it that way
    She is not expecting you to be ryan gosling and intensely makeout in the rain or anything
    i suggest you plant a kiss on her lips, don't use tongue! just kiss and if you can tell she wants more just keep kissing with your lips if she uses tongue you use tongue just don't shove the thing in her mouth
    good luck bro!