Could you date your sisters friends if?

they were hot, they would definitely go out with you, but your mom has heard all their sex stories from your sister over the years?

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If you don't have a sister, then how about a cousin or a friend's friend who told your mom about the sex lives of these girls.
Point is, what if Mom knew about the sex lives of these girls before you? My mom assumes no one is a virgin anymore but I know how uncomfortable it would make her if I dated someone she knew all about.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Your mum will end up hearing sex stories about you! Your ok with that? She also sounds slutty you ok with that? If she gives you and std or you give her one your mums going to be going insane. Also your sister will hear sex stories about you infact the whole town will because she tells people about her sex life. Guys honestly think it through. Sure this chick is hot and likes sex but go for a cheeky one nighter if you have to, dating her is not a good idea. :)


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What Girls Said 1

  • No I would not.
    My parents are super nosey and so is my sister (when it comes to me)
    I wouldn't want them knowing any of my business or thinking that they know the person better than I do.


What Guys Said 3

  • i wouldn't because... i don't have a sis :-P

    • lol. How about a cousin or something. Point is, what if your mom or whoever knew about their sex lives before you?

  • Honestly, the mom element just adds a level of ewww I'm not sure how I feel about...

  • If they have sister's frind has slept around with everyone and has had 3 way experiences and shit and your mom knows about all this stuff then I woukd not date. If all your mom knows is that she is just not a virgin anymore then it's not so bad. You can always keep an informal eelationship just for the banging :3 and make sure to invite me in on it.