Why does my bf always touch himself?

I've noticed my bf touches himself a lot. Like he will have his hand underneath the blanket and sometimes I can see his hand move. And he gets turned on by other girls a lot. Which I've told him it pisses me off but he always denies it saying I just think he does but he doesn't. Why is he like this? I've never known anyone to get hard and touch them self as much as him. He's 24 and he's 9 inches. Not sure if being bigger makes guys do that or not.


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  • Because he's a guy! Lol


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  • maybe u should try to touch him more only you that way he will be satisfied of your touch and will know that yours is better and maybe reduce the amount of times he does it. try to turn him on wear sexy stuff talk dirty make him want you... a lot of ideas

  • You had me until 9" then I realized the obvious troll.
    Not because of size but how you dropped it in and asked about it.