I like a guy but I dont know if im smart enough for him?

so he's from an Asian family (i know that doesn't matter but its just the culture mostly), his mom is a doctor and he just got accepted into one of the best medical colleges in america and he wants to be a doctor. He was talking about how he got a 2300 on his SATs. Now, i get all A's, take AP and GT classes and i got a 2120 on my PSAT's, so generally i feel like im smart but i dont know i just have this feeling like im not smart enough for him. I dont know, what should i do?


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  • Intelligence isn't the grades you get in school.
    If you can have intelligent conversations about things that he is interested (as long as you share those interests) then that is enough.

    • that is a good point! when i talk to him its really nice cause we actually have intellectual conversations which is weird for a guy my age. Like yesterday, we had a heated debate on gun control and the bill of rights and then we were talking about colleges and SATs and all sorts of things

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    • haha yeah i told one of my friends about him and theyre lik "he sounds nice but there is the problem with hims being a senoir" im like what problem? i mean i know hell be goig of to college and we will probably have to break up but for the time that he's here, i would really like to get to know him! he's really cool!

    • I say go for it. When you're in high school that age difference seems so important to people, but once you're out it doesn't even exist.
      You shouldn't say that you would probably break up, just worry about the present. Time will tell how it plays out.


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  • Brains is not all that matters in my opinion unless you are legitimately dumb which doesn't seem to be the case. Personality goes long way too you know. Unless girls is thick as a log I do not need her to be on my level (IQ of 138, I do not have it easy in life :-) ). Being sweet, caring, affectionate, easy going and havng sense of humor is AT LEAST as important as intelligence in my opinion.

    • haha thanks! haha i kinda feel you, most of the guys at my school are complete slackers and dont plan or think or do homework or anything! thats what attracts me to this guy so much! haha

  • You're too dumb. Find someone your speed.

  • If you act intelligent you are in the clear. smart guys aren't necessarily into smart girls, just intelligent ones.

    • haha crazy enough that does make sense haha

  • Smart people outsmart eachother.


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  • There are different intelligences for different people. Some people are better at books, others more common sense. So he's into science, you might like English . Bottom line, something like that doesn't necessarily mean that you guys couldn't make it work.

    • yeah thats a good point too! though its cool cause he wants to be a doctor and i waant to be a veterinarian and open my own practice haha

    • yeah. you'll have something in common but it won't be exactly the same so it won't get boring. good stuff.