From being nice guy to the "right"/manly guy?


So my question is simple, and is for the ladies: how to change from being the nice guy (the guy who is so nice with women he likes that they don't interest him anymore, the yes man), to THE man (the alpha male, the man women want).

The reason i'm asking is because I wanna find the one and I'm too tired from being me, all nice and shit lol.

And don't go tell me to read it from somewhere, I need your opinions please (how to dress, walk, talk to women, behave with women and around other people etc, anything that can help).

FYI: I'm good looking and in shape.

Thanks a lot :))))


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  • Simple, be yourself. Speak your mind and don't be afraid of sharing your opinion or expressing your ideas. Never let peer pressure dictate you and do what you want when you want disregarding what others think of you. Stand up and speak up for yourself.


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  • You don't need to change from being a nice guy, just don't be a wimp. Don't let people walk over you but don't be a jerk. Be straight forward and honest but in a nice way. Don't get easily offend be able turn things in to a joke from time to time and have a laugh with people. I like guys that are nice and sweet but with a little "bad boy swagger" and who dress smart.

  • There's so such formula. Every girl is looking for something different in a guy. For instance I fall for the nice guy. Someone that who is kind and I feel that I can trust. But confidence is always a must. Just be yourself and have confidence in who you are.


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  • saying yes all the time and beeing nice are not the same thing. you should be nice, without saying yes all the time. i say no very often, and im still a nice person overall